Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where have I been!? Let's remember why I started this whole thing!

Hi everyone,

So it's been over a month since my last post, I think. I feel awful. Terrible. Things just got so busy and well... There is no excuse.

So to make it up to my patient readers, here is the Mac Daddy review of the Marie Calendar Steamer meal that started this whole business.

Marie Calendar Three Cheese Ravioli Fresh Flavor Steamer-

You think the pic on the box looks good? Check out the real deal!
Okay, not as gorgeous as the box, but looks can be deceiving.  This was the meal I was eating on that special day that Elizabeth encouraged me to start this blog.  I was going on and on about how delicious and fresh and filling it was when she stopped me in my tracks with an idea for a blog about my frozen dinners.  

It was only a matter of time before I shared this one with my readers.  Drop everything and get to the frozen food aisle at your local grocer.  Pick this dinner up, take it home, put it in your freezer, go to sleep.  Wake up the next day and take it with you to work.  At lunch, heat it up to the specifications on the box and eat.   You will thank me later.  

The sauce is creamy and rich and the little red peppers ar packed with flavor.  The pasta is tender and filled with delicious cheese of 3 different varieties.  This is one of those meals that I wanted to lick the bowl when I was finished.  But what will I rate it...


I know I know, you were expecting a 10!  There is one meal I rate everything against, and this is not it.  Someday I will bestow on you the review to end all reviews, but not this day... not yet.


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