Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas "Queasy" Suiza

 I am going to start out with full disclosure and say that this particular entree didn't excite me from the get go.  When I purchased it, it was because nothing else seemed to inspire me in the frozen food aisle.  The picture on the front of the box didn't look as my mother would say, "too too bad."
As a positive, I felt that the instructions were quite helpful and even caring.  Read step # 5.  No frozen dinner ever tells me to "hold onto the tray's side handles... Remove Film."  They just say, "Caution, hot."  My friend Amanda found the instructions quite helpful too.  Thanks for the note to hold on to the handles frozen dinner!

Then I pulled it out of the microwave and it looked like this...
That is about a table spoon of rice.  And see how haphazardly the enchiladas are thrown about the tray.  I didn't do that, the microwave didn't do that... the assembly like at Smart Ones Weight Watchers did.  It would be great if Smart Ones provided their customers with something tasting somewhat real, or at least something that looked good enough to trick our eyes into telling our taste buds to tell our brain that, "This is okay... yeah, this is okay. Just eat it."

The chicken inside these "enchiladas" looked like cat food.  I ate it.  I finished most of it.  I tried to force myself to see the positives. It smelled alright. I have heard some good things about Smart Ones from friends.  I should have stopped after the first couple of bites.

Still even after forcing myself to finish the two cat food enchiladas, I was still hungry, because this entire meal was 250 calories!  How is that a lunch?  I was starving after burning the same amount of calories to ingest the meal.  Thank goodness for Chelsey and her free veggie taco from California Tortilla.  I am in your debt Chelsey.  You= 2 Thumbs Up in my book.
Post lunch I was ready to give this a 3.5.  About an hour and a half later I began to feel queasy.  I knew it couldn't be the veggie taco- Cal Tor is solid.  It had to be the Suiza Sauce! I forced myself to get through it with the help of antacid and support from friends.  I had a show to see that night and I wasn't about to flake on the event... I am known for flaking. When I got home, I still felt awful. Rating has changed!


I will not EVER eat this again.

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  1. That really looks kind of gross and not a glowing review. Thank you for the thumbs up!!