Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are You There Frozen Soup? It's Me, Fairy.

I just joined NaBloPoMo, a blogger's paradise of sharing feelings, links, and all kinds of fun.  Everyday bloggers share a one-liner and a link to their site in one place so that other bloggers can stumble upon their page.  The name of the blog roll is called September Soup.  It got me thinking... what about frozen soup?

Here are some soups from the deep freeze that may inspire...

Trader Joe's Frozen French Onion (I think I remember eating this once) Courtesy of ...
(adding this blog to my reading list for sure.  I love me some TJ!)

Freeze soup in muffin tins to use as few or as many as you like!  You learn something new every day!
 Courtesy of...

Frozan Tomato Soup
Frozen Tomato and Carrot Soup in a cute little ice cream cone shape!  I LOVE IT!  Pass the grilled cheese please.  Courtesy of...

I hope you feel inspired to make some soup, freeze it, thaw it, and then... eat it!  And if you are feeling a tad bit on the lazy side, just do a little hunting in the frozen food aisle.

BTW- let me know if you know of any really good frozen soup entrees out there.  I would love to review one this Fall.


  1. I love soup! I make crockpots full of splitpea (Emeril's recipe), lentil, beef/potato (Penzey's recipe) and freeze them. My hubby likes this frozen soup he ate as a bachelor He loved it. But now that I make my own, he eats that. Give it a shot.

  2. Interesting idea! Might try it someday ...