Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trader Joe's Garden Vegetablr Lasagna

This may win the prize for least-likely-to-look-like-the-photo-on-the-box. I wasn't excited about sinking my teeth into this on first sight.

Dream Lasagna

 Real Lasagna

The dinner once heated up just looked like a container of tomato sauce. The smell gave me hope when I pulled it out of the microwave, though. Once I dug in, I found this to be delicious and filling! So good everyone. The ricotta tasted creamy and real and the spinach inside was yummy and fresh. The sauce was sweet and tangy. I was very full and satisfied afterward.


I would definitely get this again. Better than stouffer's lasagna for sure.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Frozen Dinner... for Dinner?

So, I rarely eat a frozen dinner... for dinner.  There is something about eating a frozen dinner for dinner that just sort of, I dunno, bums me out I guess.  Lunch at work, not a big deal.  People do it all the time, but dinner just seems like a more special time.  I could get an earful from the country of Spain about this, seeing as how lunch in Spain looks like this...

BANGIN' must be nice, right?

But seriously, I took a big step eating a frozen dinner for dinner.  Luckily it was my tried and true Pad Thai from Trader Joe's.  Delicious!  To help me make the transition, I put the meal in a large coffee cup to give it a bit of whimsy.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lean Cuisine Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli... really?!

Usually, Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinners make me feel a bit like this...

(my niece CC's 2nd Birthday)                                

I am not the biggest fan of them.

So when I received 3 different recommendations to try the Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli, I was skeptical.  But these rec's were just coming at me, one after the other, as if these people I knew who had no real connection to each other were in cahoots to prove me wrong about Lean Cuisine.  "Really?" I would say.  "Is it really all that good?  I mean, come on, it's Lean Cuisine."  But when 3 different people come to you and tell you to give it a shot... give it a shot.


So I bought it, thinking I'll need a back up meal, just in case...

Bam!  Homemade Mini Pie from the gift bag of a friend's wedding will do the trick!  Thank you Emily and Peter Tower for getting married!  And a special shout out to the mother of the bride, Diane Kissel and my hilarious Aunt Peggy who slaved over a hot oven to make all of these.  The wedding was gorgeous and the pie was delicious!

I saddled up to the table to take the plunge.  The ONLY criticism I have for this GLORIOUS example of a frozen dinner is that I wish I had bought two of them.  I mean, the darn thing tasted fantastic!  I should have had a camera on me when I took that first bite, but my lunch buddies will attest to the enthusiasm I hold for this dish.  I counted the ravioli and sadly there only seemed to be 7 in total.  Call me a fatty, but I could have used 14!  The sauce is creamy and rich, not lacking in salt or flavor (which is often the case in Lean Cuisine) and the mushroomy taste you come across in many mushroom frozen dinners was not present.  It was more cheesy than mushroomy.  I was a happy camper....

But I still ate the pie... because I only had 7 ravioli.

COOKING POWER= 7.5 (if the portion was doubled we'd be talking a high 8 to a 9)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where have I been!? Let's remember why I started this whole thing!

Hi everyone,

So it's been over a month since my last post, I think. I feel awful. Terrible. Things just got so busy and well... There is no excuse.

So to make it up to my patient readers, here is the Mac Daddy review of the Marie Calendar Steamer meal that started this whole business.

Marie Calendar Three Cheese Ravioli Fresh Flavor Steamer-

You think the pic on the box looks good? Check out the real deal!
Okay, not as gorgeous as the box, but looks can be deceiving.  This was the meal I was eating on that special day that Elizabeth encouraged me to start this blog.  I was going on and on about how delicious and fresh and filling it was when she stopped me in my tracks with an idea for a blog about my frozen dinners.  

It was only a matter of time before I shared this one with my readers.  Drop everything and get to the frozen food aisle at your local grocer.  Pick this dinner up, take it home, put it in your freezer, go to sleep.  Wake up the next day and take it with you to work.  At lunch, heat it up to the specifications on the box and eat.   You will thank me later.  

The sauce is creamy and rich and the little red peppers ar packed with flavor.  The pasta is tender and filled with delicious cheese of 3 different varieties.  This is one of those meals that I wanted to lick the bowl when I was finished.  But what will I rate it...


I know I know, you were expecting a 10!  There is one meal I rate everything against, and this is not it.  Someday I will bestow on you the review to end all reviews, but not this day... not yet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas "Queasy" Suiza

 I am going to start out with full disclosure and say that this particular entree didn't excite me from the get go.  When I purchased it, it was because nothing else seemed to inspire me in the frozen food aisle.  The picture on the front of the box didn't look as my mother would say, "too too bad."
As a positive, I felt that the instructions were quite helpful and even caring.  Read step # 5.  No frozen dinner ever tells me to "hold onto the tray's side handles... Remove Film."  They just say, "Caution, hot."  My friend Amanda found the instructions quite helpful too.  Thanks for the note to hold on to the handles frozen dinner!

Then I pulled it out of the microwave and it looked like this...
That is about a table spoon of rice.  And see how haphazardly the enchiladas are thrown about the tray.  I didn't do that, the microwave didn't do that... the assembly like at Smart Ones Weight Watchers did.  It would be great if Smart Ones provided their customers with something tasting somewhat real, or at least something that looked good enough to trick our eyes into telling our taste buds to tell our brain that, "This is okay... yeah, this is okay. Just eat it."

The chicken inside these "enchiladas" looked like cat food.  I ate it.  I finished most of it.  I tried to force myself to see the positives. It smelled alright. I have heard some good things about Smart Ones from friends.  I should have stopped after the first couple of bites.

Still even after forcing myself to finish the two cat food enchiladas, I was still hungry, because this entire meal was 250 calories!  How is that a lunch?  I was starving after burning the same amount of calories to ingest the meal.  Thank goodness for Chelsey and her free veggie taco from California Tortilla.  I am in your debt Chelsey.  You= 2 Thumbs Up in my book.
Post lunch I was ready to give this a 3.5.  About an hour and a half later I began to feel queasy.  I knew it couldn't be the veggie taco- Cal Tor is solid.  It had to be the Suiza Sauce! I forced myself to get through it with the help of antacid and support from friends.  I had a show to see that night and I wasn't about to flake on the event... I am known for flaking. When I got home, I still felt awful. Rating has changed!


I will not EVER eat this again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are You There Frozen Soup? It's Me, Fairy.

I just joined NaBloPoMo, a blogger's paradise of sharing feelings, links, and all kinds of fun.  Everyday bloggers share a one-liner and a link to their site in one place so that other bloggers can stumble upon their page.  The name of the blog roll is called September Soup.  It got me thinking... what about frozen soup?

Here are some soups from the deep freeze that may inspire...

Trader Joe's Frozen French Onion (I think I remember eating this once) Courtesy of ...
(adding this blog to my reading list for sure.  I love me some TJ!)

Freeze soup in muffin tins to use as few or as many as you like!  You learn something new every day!
 Courtesy of...

Frozan Tomato Soup
Frozen Tomato and Carrot Soup in a cute little ice cream cone shape!  I LOVE IT!  Pass the grilled cheese please.  Courtesy of...

I hope you feel inspired to make some soup, freeze it, thaw it, and then... eat it!  And if you are feeling a tad bit on the lazy side, just do a little hunting in the frozen food aisle.

BTW- let me know if you know of any really good frozen soup entrees out there.  I would love to review one this Fall.